Bonnaroo Blues

I have them, do you?

20. TwentyOne Pilots. I cried. I danced. I got on my friends shoulders. I chanted and sang along to the song that I have tattooed on my body forever. Check them out. They’re amazing and really getting the attention they deserve.

19. Tove LO. Holy. Ok so if you’re any fan of hers you might be aware that this girl is absolutely unbelievable live. Like absolutely unbelievable. She’s got amazing vocals and has this relationship with the crowd that most musicians don’t master until their second or third tour.

18. Heatstroke. Ok so we almost died because let’s face it: when it’s 100*+ for a week and you’re trying to stay hydrated with egg water (it’s super suffer water and should be reserved for emergency use only because EW) it’s miserable. But we made it! We kept going to the fountain and had to shower at our campsite using jugs of water. our neighbors weren’t home, but once they heard they were quite amused.

17. Unmentionables. Ya know. The stuff you know will be there but you leave that part out when you talk about the festival with anyone over the age of 30. It’s everywhere. It’s cheap. And for the most part, it’s legit. We had crazy experiences and would love to share with the world, but professional people and parents are online so….ok I’ll share the stories. Just wait.

16. Fireworks. I split from my friend and left her with some new people she met (she said she was okay and I HAD to go see Mumford & Sons!!) I left Childish Gambino about 5 songs early (I know, I know) and it was 500% worth it! I met up with a friend I had met at the Tove Lo/Jungle shows and we danced, sang, and made out in a crowd of 80,000+ people while fireworks went off. It was cliche and perfect so bye.

15. Neighbors. Everyone talked about the fun people you’ll meet and new friends. Thankfully we got put in Pod 2 which was fairly close to Centerroo entrance. The two guys next to us helped us throughout the week. They had a big battery so we were able to keep our phones charged! Thank goodness!

14. Deadmau5. I cannot listen to him without getting chills all over my body. Im a huge EDM fan but have never been to a show until Deadmau5 and it was the best first experience of my life. hands down. lights everywhere. and people packed in form the stage all the way back to the welcome arch. I am pretty sure every single person was at that show and somehow we got front row. Ally and I couldn’t seem to trip at the same time, which was good because we got to calm each other down when the other was losing it. Tip: don’t go to an EDM show without dropping something.

13. Camelbak. Not only did these serve a great purpose in getting us drunk and keeping us hydrated (hahah not even close) it also helped us stick together. I had tied our Bonanroo bandanas on the straps and I’m hanging on for dear life as Ally leads me around from stage to stage. We may be both tripping acid, but we have enough good sense to stick together and not let go of each other. ever.

12. Crap. seriously. I pooped once. O N C E. in five 5 FIVE days. Obviously that’s to be expected when you aren’t on your normal diet, but still. I kept making Ally take me to the porter potty and everytime it was a no go. So finally she was like “we are not going unless you’re touching cotton”. So I was like “okay, fair enough”. Two days later we get back to our camp (somehow, some way, #guardianangels) and after sitting in the car contemplating the world I realize I have to go. and it’s real. But Ally is like “okay just a minute.” 10 minutes later. “Ally, I really have to go”. She’s busy wiping her face with PH Balance wipes so I take off and I don’t have my phone so I bring a glowing ballon and finally poop. Let me tell you that relieving yourself is usually the best way to end the night. no. I was scared shitless. Literally. I’m alone, tripping, and got a damn ballon giving me light while I take my only poop for a week.

11. Lion King. At sunrise Ally and I are just coming off our 14 hour trip and we’re laying in the tent laughing and trying to sleep when we hear something. At this point I’m so over everything and wondering when the heck my life is going to be normal so I’m just assuming it’s all in my head. Nope. They’re playing the Lion King intro song at 6am for all of us to wake up to.

10. Sunsets. I’m the girl that instagrams sunsets like crazy. I’m in love with how our days can be blue skies with a sun and then several hours later it’s like someone dropped a color bomb in the sky. They’re absolutely breathtaking and incredibly beautiful. And at Bonnaroo they’re just better. Because you aren’t coming back from work sitting in traffic, you aren’t sitting in your backyard, you aren’t doing anything. You’re on a farm with thousands of people all watching the same sunset together while you listen to your favorite band preform in front of you.

9. Laced. I trust my best friend with my life. There are stories that I can’t tell anyone, but trust me when I tell you: she is honestly the one person  that really would answer at 3 am and help. Now, back to the story. She gets dope from a guy and doesn’t question when it’s two tabs. she then googles it (THANK YOU SMARTPHONES) and we find out it’s acid. After talking to the neighbors they confirm it is in fact, acid. So we put it away with the weed and go about our lives. That night we go to Glass Animals and Tove Lo. we smoke and within 20 minutes I look at Ally and go “We’re on carpet!!” she replies, “no we aren’t, rhiannon” unconvinced, I get down and feel the floor with my hands and yell “It’s carpet!”. Now I went to a school known for the potheads. But I’ve never been one. Have barely even smoked. So we’re like “okay we’re just high”. Fast forward to the next morning when we’re sitting with our neighbors swapping stories we are informed that acid dissolves and by placing it in the same bag as our weed, Ally laced our weed.

8. The Bonnaroo Guy (or Girl). Everyone will tell you that they met someone at Bonnaroo. They may not talk to them anymore, but for that show, night, or maybe even the whole time, it’s everything. It’s like the world stops and you’re with that person and it’s got you thinking “yeah, we could totally date, we can make this work” with someone you met less than 48 hours ago. It’s just a thing. Deal with it. Enjoy it.

7. Mumford and Sons. Everyone asks me what my favorite set was and I always say “Mumford and Sons” without missing a beat. While I seriously enjoyed every set, this particular band has had a soft spot in my heart since high school and I made it my mission to see them live. I did. It was life changing. I cried, got goosebumps, made out with Bonnaroo Guy, and danced with my hair down.

6. Getting Lost. We walked around Centerroo for a good hour. We kept getting turned around and going to the wrong entrances/exit points. If you aren’t VIP you can’t leave through certain exits. We ended up passing where we needed to go three times. It was a mess. Of course we were tripping so…

5. Security. We were fine. We snuck everything in. No problems. From selfie sticks to some fun stuff, we were never even searched. beginners luck, I suppose.

4. Lights. everywhere. prepare yourself. Once it’s dark it’s a whole new world on the farm! Light sabers, glow sticks, robe lights, strobe lights, lasers. EVERYTHING. It’s the sickest thing ever. So pack up some fun light-up gear and join us as we go nuts and just walk blindly.

3. Highfive and Good Vibes. For the next couple months I walked around expecting people to high five me and was disappointed with no one initiated a high five. rude. All of a sudden I started taking to heart the motto of “Radiate Positivity” and truly getting rid of negative people. I stood up for myself and others. I stopped judging people. I applauded people dancing to the beat of their own drum and dressing how they wanted to dress.

2. Wristband. You come home and want everyone to know so they can ask you about it only for you to say “omg it was amazing” and hope they have a week for you to tell them every single them that happened. I’m still wearing my wristband. It’s like the Jeep code. When you see another wristband it’s like you found a best friend for life. People bond over music. It’s insane. So show off your wristband and people are bound to ask you questions.

1. Ally. Without her this trip would have been COMPLETELY different. I probably wouldn’t have gone because none of my other friends share a passion for crazy fun and concerts like my sister. We went to so many shows, laughed till we peed our pants, were out of our minds, took so many pictures that NO ONE will ever see, and we had the best time of our lives.

So if you’re going to a festival take your best friend. Or find a friend that maybe you aren’t super close with. As long as they love music as much as you and are down for whatever, you’re going to have an amazing time. Seriously, we talk about Bonnaroo all the time. People hate us.


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