Ten Albums You Can Look Forward to in 2015

10. Ellie Goulding

Again, it’s all hush hush and no one really know anything. She just announced she was working in the studio and putting in a lot of time into a new project that we can expect in 2015. So I mean, exciting. But like, no need to freak out and stalk her twitter for clues because it’s going to be a while.

9. Marina and the Diamonds

The “How to Be a Heartbreaker” singer is back with a new album due early in 2015 with the single Froot already released. She’s alongside Lana Del Rey in terms of woman who know what the hell they’re doing in the music industry and are no strangers to the best music festivals in the world. She knows her crowd and delivers the best music to her adoring fans no matter where she’s at.

8. Frank Turner

The “Recovery” singer never got a lot of airplay outside the alternative stations, even then it wasn’t a lot. sad face. seriously. But I think 2015 will be the year. While he’s going to have to rely on some serious help from Spotify and Pandora and maybe even a tour to really get his name out there. “Tape Deck Heart” was awesome, but ask that guy in the corner of Starbucks and I guarantee he has never heard of him. Even from his friend who likes to brag about knowing who’s hot and who’s not in the music business. Frank Turner has what it takes. I saw him in Charlotte two years ago and he put on a good show. I know that like every artist there’s a dry spell and I think his releasing a new album and it even being recognized is a great sign.

7. Mikky Ekko

Some know him from Teen Wolf and others know him from Rihanna’s “Stay”. He’s slowly becoming a household name, especially in the indie crowd. I’ve preordered the album and can’t wait for it to drop on January 20th. okay so that’s a lot of music to get in your library on one day, so just cancel your plans because you’ll be busy. and you can forget the radio that week because this is going to be what you’re obsessing over. Listen to SmileMourning Doves, and Time. The album is going to be stellar and a breath of fresh air. My bet is that we’re going to see him at Bonnaroo this summer, and maybe even a few more festivals.

6. Brandon Flowers

The Killers frontman is back in the studio and working on his second solo project due out in the coming year. Early or late who knows. but it’s happening. As for my fellow Killers fans: there’s nothing new happening but that’s not saying there won’t be some news. But for those that are aware of the two year schedule you might have to wait a bit. after all, it was four years between Day & Age and Battle Born. Patience is a virtue. But hey! At least we get Brandon back in our lives soon!

5. Modest Mouse

Holy shit it’s happening. Their first album since 2007 is in the works and will be in out hands in just a few months (March, to be exact!) Strangers to Ourselves is going to deliver. It has to. We’ve been waiting for SEVEN YEARS. There’s not a lot to say because the last time I bought a Modest Album was in the eighth EIGHTH grade. I’m a senior in college now. Screw them for making me go through the most important years of my life without them. damn. Listen to the new single Lampshades on Fire and don’t even judge it because seven years, okay? just enjoy it and let’s all be happy that they’re back. Style has to change in that many years, but it still sounds like the same Modest Mouse we all know and love.


4. Imagine Dragons

Until “I Bet My Life” was released we hadn’t heard anything new form the Las Vegas natives. They out on a hell of a show, even got some TV time when they remixed “Radioactive” with Kendrick Lamar. But it’s been the same album since 2012 which is only two years, but it’s a long time when the radio plays two or three songs off an incredible album. Listen to the new tracks I Bet My Life and Gold and  get ready for Smoke + Mirrors hitting shelves February 17th.

3. Fall Out Boy

I’m not even going to write about my expectations or excitement because we all know I am obsessed with FOB and have been since day one. We aren’t going to talk about how I went out to my car during class to listen to “Light Em Up” hit the radio for the first time and how I cried because I was that happy. So just go listen to American Beauty/American Psycho and The Kids Aren’t Alright to get you pumped for AB/AP coming January 20th EPPPPPPPPP!! warning: this cd isn’t going to leave your car and will easily end up on “25 most played” playlist on your iTunes. no judgement.

2. Lumineers

Since 2012 when indie lovers rejoiced with the fresh sound of these angelic masterminds we have waited and substituted until at least we saw the light. The Walking Dead featured a song that only Lumineers fans would recognize. and even then I had to look it up and make sure I was right. That my favorite band had a new song. and ON TV OKAY MOM LOOK THAT MEANS THEY’RE AWESOME. listen to Visions of China.  It’s chilling and the folk vibe that they are known for. While This one might not make radio single status, we know that one is coming soon.

1. Kodaline
I fell in love with the Irish boy this year and lost my mind when they released their single, honest. The new album should be put in the summer with their single “Honest” dropping on iTunes February 1st!

Honorable mention:

While Coldplay is forever a favorite and I will never get tired of Chris Martin, this album is also number one, but for a different reason. It’s not what I am looking forward to most in 2015. I’ll absolutely buy the album and will try my absolute hardest to see them in concert, but I had to give them the #1 spot because this upcoming album will be my first and last review of them. what? why? that’s dumb. what are you talking about? shut up. read.

It’s always iffy when a band has been together the entire time and in this case, it’s been awesome. They deliver every album with the boom pow explosion it deserves. “A Head Full of Dreams” is the final piece to the 18 year puzzle. Seriously? It’s been 14 years since “yellow”. god. After releasing “Ghost Stories” early this year and then the incredible live version I don’t think anyone was expecting talk, let alone legit news about a new album until late next year. But here we are. Crying into Ben & Jerry’s because this could be it. Whether or not Martin’s divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow has anything to do with him putting Coldplay on the back burner, we know that the final album is going to be perfect.

P.S there’s some gossip about a new Tame Impala album that’s going to kick some serious ass in the electronic department. A new album is due out in LATE 2015, but don’t be surprised if it’s not until early 2016. Here’s to hoping we have another great album to look forward to in the coming year!


One response to “Ten Albums You Can Look Forward to in 2015

  1. I see we had a couple of the same contenders :). I hope the new Fall Out Boy album delivers. I stopped listening to them in high school because their last couple albums kind of bored me. I didn’t realize Brandon Flowers was coming out with another album! I’m very excited to see what he has in store. Great list!

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